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Rescaping my deep tank


29 May 2019
Thanks to the help of the kind people on ukaps I've now sorted out my fertilizer issues Issues with dry salts?

I'm now looking to rescape my tank. It's quite an awkward size being 36inches long X 24inches wide X 30inches deep and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for scaping such a tank?

To make life more tricky the tank is positioned as a room divider so is visible from three sides. I've attached a photo so people can see what I'm working with. I used a triangular scape last time and was fairly happy with what I achieved.

I'm adding co2 to the tank and i'd like to extend the planting further along the tank if possible and almost split the tank along its length to try and create swim zones along each side and on the peninsula end. I guess almost as an island layout. I need to try and pick plants that will fit the aspect ratio of the tank and make use of the height.

Any advice or inspiration for scaping tall tanks would be much appreciated!


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