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Rotala Ceylon - transition from emersed to submerged form


29 Jun 2020
South Africa
I have a new setup (64 litres) where I have planted some Rotala to start off with before my other TC plants arrive. The Rotala Ceylon are particularly interesting as I grew them outside emersed and then planted cuttings about 1.5 weeks ago. They have grown an enormous amount, but the leaves are curled and don't look like the Rotala H'ra one the left, which have grown slower but don't have these curled leaves. Somethings up. There tank was in "dark start" mode for about 7 weeks and now have inline CO2 24/7 as I want to environment to be as stable as possible while the TC plants grow. pH measures at about ±6.7. The KH is near 0 as I use RO water. I remineralise, but only until I get about 120 TDS. Usually about 1 third of a spoon of the Dennerle Shrimp salt to 30litres of water that has been changed. The light is pretty close to the substrate in that area. 7 hours photoperiod at only 1300 lumen. Using 2Hr Aquarist apt complete at a full dose for 40litres of water (i.e., the actual volume of water minus the hardscape). This about 1.2 ml. I don't have a NO3 kits to check some of the info from this thread (rotala-rotundifolia-growth-issues.43086) so any other suggestions are welcome.


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