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Second filter for a 260l tank


5 Sep 2008
Budapest, Hungary
I am just setting up a heavily planted 260l Juwel Vision tank. I already bought 1x Eheim Professional II 2028 filter:

- filter volume 7.3l
- flow rate 1050 lph
- power consumption 20W
- dimensions 415 x 210 x 210

Now my original plans were to buy a second identical filter, thus having a total volume of 14.6l and an eight-fold flow rate of 2100 lph. Both filters will have an Aquamas External CO2 reactor fitted to the return pipe (thus further decreasing the flow) and on one of them a Hydor ETH external heater. Hose diameter is not reduced for any of the in-line equipment.

Do you think I could do fine with this selection of 8x flow or should I look for an upgrade? Maybe by even selling the old (unused-new) filter?

I've been also considering the Eheim 2080 suggested by Clive, but it will not fit in the cabinet. Another option would be to get a Professional III 2075 filter with the same volume as the 2028 but a 1250 lph flow-rate instead of 1050. The problem is that the 2075 has 2 inputs so if I keep the 2028 I will have 3 inputs in total. I figured the additional 200 lph is not worth the mess. Another info: I would rather stick to Eheim.

Please help me decide here, I'd rather not commit any more costly mistakes. :) All suggestions are welcome!


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