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Semi DIY


21 Aug 2007
Chippenham, Wiltshire
Would a cheapy regulator from eBay fit a disposable pressurised cylinder like D-D? I thought about DIY but it seems too much hassle to change every week, but I can't afford a full disposable pressurised system. I thought FE but space is limited as it needs to fit in a cabinet (and be hidden away from 3yr old hands!).
I don't have anything at the moment, so I can buy whatever I need. I didn't want to get a cheap reg from eBay and then find it wouldn't be compatible with a disposable canister. If I get that adapter then I should be OK whatvever reg I get?

That adapter will only convert a disposable reg to a refillable.
Their are no convertors available to convert a refillable to disposable.
In all honesty, Id steer clear of disposable systems entirely as theyre extremely expensive to run on any decent sized tank. A refillable system, which is what im guesing you meant, isnt that expensive, you can always get a solenoid later and just turn the co2 off/on by hand, or do as some do and leave it on 24/7 at lower levels. the regulators for disposable/refillable systems are very similar in price anyway.. then all you have to do is find a cheap fire extinguisher off ebay, should be about £30.

If you dont already have the D-D system, id be wary, I had 2 before i knew what i was doing and both were faulty, dumping the entire cylinder over night. and were very expensive for the build quality.
you should be able to get a regulator for about £65-£75 depending on where you shop. there are often some good deals on ebay, BigDanne got an entire system for bugger all!

so, reg £70, cylinder, £30.. and some kind of reactor/diffuser.. all in all, about the same price as a £100 D-D system.
I'd like to go FE as it seems the cheapest way, but I haven't got the space for 2' cylinder. Hence the disposable option as they're smaller (or seem to be).

If I can get an FE that's about 12" max then that'd be perfect.