Setting Up an Natural Aquarium - My Questions Index...


7 Sep 2007
I may be pondering this whole move from high-tech to EI Natural for some time and it may lead nowhere; however, I thought it may be useful to keep an index thread in case other venture down this path... So, here follows the threads that I have started on this journey:

1. Some initial thoughts, particularly re tank...

Bought a Juwel Rio 125 on eBay as an interim measure until I get something larger, fully built in to a bespoke cabinet.

2. Wanting a dark brown topping to my soil substrate...
Still pondering what to do here... The decision about the tank (i.e. sticking with my current one for the time being but going El Natural) leads me to think that I should keep costs down and use my existing gravel.

3. EI Natural v. Low Tech - what's the difference?

This discussion may run for a while...

4. What soil to use as a substrate?

5. Lighting
I'm sticking with 3x T8 tubes, giving 2.28wpg, however, still deciding how best to replace my 1 year old tubes. Currently erring toward 2 x Arcadia Freshwater + ??? for plant growth...

6. July 2009 - Finally got round to setting it up

After much delay and pontificating I eventually got round to setting up the tank.
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