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Show your orchids!

Hi all,
This pot was where I stored some "spare" Dendrobium pseudobulbs (<"D. kingianum"> & <"D. x delicatum">). I never did anything with them, other than totally neglected them, but they are looking very smart.



Cheers Darrel
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Jackson Pollock orchids. Why?
Because some muppet will pay $25 for it. 😆
It's the "New" botanical art.... spend 5 minutes (or less) slapping paint on a flower & sell it for an exorbitant amount!
If the orchid survives & flowers again they will be completely white! 🙄
Sometimes I feel like giving up 😟 🎨
Here’s a Vanda orchid flower…
I added this plant to my Jungle Puddle in the hope it would do well.
Once I got back from the garden centre the flowers went a little limp and faded and I thought they would drop immediately. To my surprise they became reinvigorated and lasted another 6 weeks which is quite good I think. From what I have read the flowers last between 1-3 months and I don’t know how long the plant was in bloom before I purchased so I was really happy. They have dropped now but they made for a really striking image….


The plant itself has dropped a few leaves which dried and browned at the base near the stem. I have began feeding with an orchid fertiliser 1x per week when I soak the roots with water from the puddle. Things seem to be improving with no further leaf casualties and a little growth of new leaves also 😁💚
I hope to get flowers next year 🌺🤞🏻
Greetings from Ukraine!

why not combine 2 favourite hobbies?
In autumn 2020 I tried to rescue a dying phalaenopsis by putting it in my blackwater biotope aquarium.
Now it is a beautiful healthy plant with strong roots and grows on the emersed part of the driftwood.
It regularly blooms twice a year in March and October and requires totally no care!