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Small and simple


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15 Mar 2012
Hi all,

Last year I became a father which meant very little time for hobbies. I miss it though, so am planning to get a smaller, easier to maintain tank.
I've had an ADA 60p and an NA 300l, both of which I loved but the time taken with pruning etched means a simple option is in order.

I've always like the style of the fluval edge tanks so may go for one of them. Early days yet and still looking at options, so watch this space!

I'll also be selling a few bits and bobs so keep an eye open for some bargains too.

Cheers all and feels good to be back!


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So before I get into the new tank (which I have yet to buy) I thought I would share the previous ones.

Here is the 300litre NA which I love but takes a lot of work!


Then a group shot, where you can see the ADA 60p which turned into a small reef tank.



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Thanks. Sad to see it go bit it takes a lot if time.
Something smaller will suit me better.

Definitely going to be a shrimp based tank. Just need to decide on hardware.

Also, if I take water and filter media from my existing tank and transfer to new one will that be sufficient to make it safe for fauna?
I may not need to as my sister might home some fish for me but if she can't would it be ok?

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Yeah mate I have just moved filter and fauna from on tank to the other. Just gave it a few hours to run the water through a bit. I suppose if there was a soil that leaches a lot if ammonia I would give it a couple days.

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Hi rob glad your back stunning tanks you had looking forward to ur edge arriving and you sharing all your experience and knowledge :D

Thanks dean
Hi Rob.:) I just had to repeat what everyone else has said here. That was one sexy tank you had there. Do you have a journal of it here? I would love to read it from the beginning till the very end. It was lovely. How did you manage to keep the sand so pristine white?
Cheers guys.
The journal for my 300L is in my sig below. That tank is now broken down and will be leaving me end of the week. Just had to make room for baby related gear. Sad but has to be done.
I'm still thinking about what can go in that room. I'm trying to persuade my other half to allow something (ADA or similar) to replace it, just something smaller.

For now though the edge is on order for my studio. That Dennerle looks nice but I've a soft spot for an edge.
Well, after seeing this thread from brancaman I've decided the edge will be a CRS tank. I've had shrimp tank before but didn't really scape it as such, so this one I will try to make look good as well as be home to the shrimp.

Edge arrives tomorrow, so will be swapping over filter media from the 300l and getting it up and running, before starting to scape over the next week or so.
Well, I've started. Got some lovely pieces of elephant rock and pale sand. I'll be using fert tabs to get things going here plus dosing to the water.
Seeing as it's an edge I'm tempted to use easy carbo rather than injected, just to keep it clean looking.
Here are a couple of layout tests. Sorry. Just phone pics for now while I tinker.


I'm quite pleased with the second version. The light falls better I think.

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2nd one does look better out of the 2 like you say looks lighter and less shadow. I can imagine these little tanks would be hard to scape rob with just the small hole, interested to see how turns out I really like these along with mini m for a small nano tank

Thanks Dean
Nice hardscape. I'd try to tilt the middle one to the right just a bit. (yes, I have problems with straight things)

Regarding CO2, how about inline diffusion? Or going low tech even?

Mind you, I'm saying low tech 'cause I'm thinking about it for a small tank... :)
Cheers Dean and Ivydree. I agree about the centre rock. Will adjust that and keep playing around today. I'm planning on dosing liquid carbon to start with. If that works out ok then great. If not I'll look at different options for diffusion. Maybe one of the little ada ball diffusers in the filter somewhere could work.

I've got some 1-2-grow pots coming to plant this up. Starting out with some monte carlo, then possibly alternanthera reineckii mini for the central area, with some pogo here and there. I'm still not convinced about the reineckii though. Keeping it nice and red could be tricky with this set up. I might end up going for a different texture altogether and use something more grasslike.

I don't want too much height due to the filter set up but would like to have taller central section. Hmm.......