Some lfs dont know jack!!!!


22 Apr 2008
Harrow, Middlesex
Have some 'OK' LFS in my area.

Small family run shop in North Wembley with Tropica plants and ferts, although they don't really have any idea what they're selling.
MA@wembley have some JBL range but don't know what they're really talking about. Guy tried selling me a pH controller after he told me he didn't know what a drop checker was or never heard of ADA.
Aquatic Design Store in London sells Tropica but the plants need to be brought on day of delivery or they get algae soon as.
Don't think tey really know much either, just don't seem interested.
Best place is MA@ St. Albans, huge selection of Tropica plants 6 pots for £20!! Also a lot of products from Tropica and JBL. Some knowledge but it can be a bit hit and miss. Plant guy tried telling me he grew a thick carpet of Lileopsis with minimal lighting, asked him how much..... 4x 24W T5 strips..... :rolleyes:

Basically just stick to online until you can maybe help educate your LFS into the new way of thinking.
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