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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Mark Evans, 23 May 2009.

  1. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans Expert

    newark notts.
    today I did something I have not done in an age...take some non aquatic photos. unfortunately I didn't charge my batteries so I only managed to grab not even a dozen photos.

    this is a newly designed (if you can call it that) nature walk near to where I live. I took my boy too who was into picking the ends of the grass, then complained of itchy legs after :p

    these are grab shots, that for me just somehow felt right.rather than technically sharp or whatever, more a "feel" and there typically my "over contrast" look, but that's just what i like....I'm going to go back and see what i can do with a tripod etc...and newly charged batteries would help too :oops:


  2. viktorlantos

    viktorlantos Aquascaper

    Budapest, Hungary
    Amazing shots! Great colors. love it! ;)
  3. CeeBee

    CeeBee Member

    They're really lovely photographs- they really capture the time of year. I particularly like the first one, your boy looks very earnest in his endeavors :D
  4. samc

    samc Member

    nice photos wish i had a camera like yours to play with. i also like the first one too the way the wind is blowing the grass
  5. oldwhitewood

    oldwhitewood Member

    The first shot of your lad is great.

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