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substrate alfagrog same as jbl volcano

john arnold

28 Jun 2018
I was going to use some alfagrog under tropica soil to make a big incline towards back of tank as it will stop compacting and aerate the deep parts, also i heard its as good as seachem matrix,can someone tell me if this is correct as im about to put an order in
I use generic pond filter media for the the same job, aside from being extremely course (read as be careful to not scratch your glass) it’s all much of a muchness so use what ever is easily to hand.
Volcano Mineral is a foamed Bassalt.
Alfagrog is a foamed Ceramic.

Both porous with very high surface area to volume, one is natural, the other man made.

One is a Volcanic byproduct and the other hopefully a byproduct of something else being baked in a kiln!

I believe the more common name for the product/brandname Alfagrog is Frit...

You can find it in several other pond substrates brands sometimes mixed with backed clay granules. Such as VDL Aquadecor pond substrate, comes rather cheap +/- €1 p/litre and I remember the bag also has a UK description on the back label. It says nothing about Alfagrog but it's the same stuff... :)


I've used it in an aquarium bagged in pantyhoses to bank up the DW.


I guess that stuff should be available somewhere in the UK, more likely in pond shops. I can find Alfagrog in my country but it's rather much more expensive than VDL. No idea why.
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