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Summer evening walk.

Dave Spencer

3 Jul 2007
N. Wales
Graeme Edwards said:
Yup, no one cansay to me "all the gear no idea" lol. I do what I can with what I have.

OK then, "no gear and no idea". :lol:

Graeme, you set them up, and I`ll stick them in the back of the net. :lol:



11 Jul 2007
Graeme Edwards said:
Nice one guys, thanks for that.

I do try my best, but im forced to. Maybe its something we should all do. Pick a lens and only take that one when you head out. This way your forced to learn how to compose the best you can with that lens. A self challenge I guess.

Cheers. :)

I'd by no means call myself that good a photographer but I found when I stuck to using prime lenses it really helped with composing shots and also moving around, getting in close to stuff etc. Often I guess limiting yourself forces you to get better.

I still love the 50mm prime I have but Nikon have brought an affordable 35mm f1.8 out which I'm quite keen to have. So skint at the moment though so I can't really get it. At the moment I'm using rangefinders/film so my D40 is gathering dust.