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22 Sep 2012
Hi everyone, a share of my new project, a bit ambitious. It is nice to have compliment, but I prefer to heard what you don't like ;) Thx. Plant must grow, I will sculpt the Hc ;)


Wow I love the vibrant life 'above ground' and the void 'underground' Really interesting scape!

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Very cool idea. I often look at where the banks of streams drop away like this and thought it'd make a great scape.

You asked for criticism though, so here's one to do with composition; I think the transition between top and bottom is too linear, especially with the heavy shadows. Some sort of partial 'collapse' of the top area (perhaps in the area between the ferns on the left hand side) allowing the HC to trail down into the lower section would ease the transition between the two areas and provide something of a focal point.

But perhaps your plans for sculpting the trailing HC will solve this issue in a different way.
Great idea. I love it that i had to think about is it above or under the water :) Kind of seeking the water surface where the HC starts.

Remiving the soil grains from the sand would add a little to the overall look. I would lighten up just a bit the bottom part and may would try to photograph this as the fishes shoaling on the bottom part to strength the feeling that is underwater :)

Great idea :)
brilliant swee... great imagination and execution..

It makes me think of a four foot deep tank with numerous levels!! you could have underwater led's light built into the bottom of the rock from the above layer.... you wouldnt see any light fittings but you could have two layers of carpets and a bottom cave area.

I agree with Tom though that the top area could be improved with a break in it.

Many congratulations though on a truly impressive tank.
Thx for your comments, of course I've got to clean the sand, and I plan to put more ligth in the cave by the back and the side, but only for the photo finish ;) Underwater leds are a good idea ;) The pictures of the achievement, will be show when the tank will be over ;)
Do you have any problems getting flow to the lower caves? I suppose you could easily hide a nano pump down there...

I think you have thought of something really special here..
So this is what you were talking about swee!

I love it mate, really well executed, really well done, I don't know what else to say.
Swee,breathtaking scape.Very impressive use of materials,one to be proud of.Well done indeed :clap:

:cool: Swee, really refreshing to see something like this :thumbup:
Bet you get c02 right under the 'substrate' to the roots too :hungry:.
If your going to add fish, id go for a definite surface dweller and a bottom dwelling catfish sp. to occupy the caves to strongly seperate and represent the above and below ground creatures, like birds and moles :D This will only enhance the effect.
Great creativity, and for me much more acceptable in an aquascape than some of the recent floating rock 'avatar' style islands of recent years....they are just weird imo!