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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dolly Sprint 16v, 18 Mar 2009.

  1. Dolly Sprint 16v

    Dolly Sprint 16v Member


    Current camera Nikon Coolpix L3 (Not an SLR) : could somebody advise me about taking pic as mine look good on the camera display but are smudged and slightly blurred when viewed on my laptop. I use macro mode and try to get the camera as close the the glass as possable - I am doing right.


  2. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Member

    Leamington Spa, UK.
    A dark room with your tank lights on is the best way to take photos, bar doing the whole backdrop/lighting thing. Make sure your flash is off too :) Problem with no flash is that it probably won't have any image stabilisation. You would do best using something like a tripod if you can get your hands on one, or something solid to perch your camera on while you take the photo. This will help reduce the blur :)

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