Tank trim

Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by Keith, 25 Jul 2007.

  1. Keith

    Keith Member

    Does anyone know where in Leicester or by post I can get some 2" matt black tank trim?

    I have tried my lfs's and a local plastics shop and was told it is very difficult to get black trim.
  2. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.
    Not sure about that keith.

    Ive used black insulation tape in the past.
  3. Keith

    Keith Member

    I tried that Graeme but wound up with loads of air bubbles and a line that was far from straight. I tried smoothing the tape as I went with a spatula with the same result and when I pricked the bubbles to get rid of the air the tape looked like a starry sky when the lights went on next day. What was the secret of your success?

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