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I am looking to use one of these with a Chihiros 1201 Plus RGB light. The light has three colour channels which can be individually programmed with the Commander 4 Bluetooth module. This works, however it is a pain to use and doesn't always save the settings correctly, which is very frustrating after having spent ages creating a constantly varying light spectrum across a replicated day (this takes a long time with the cumbersome app).

So, this is why I want to try the TC420. The light comes with a piece of cable to blank the Commander 4 and just run all channels at full power when it is on. It has 6 different prongs on one end, so I would just cut this and wire up each channel individually, similar to how its been suggested to cut the dimmer switch for the single channel Chihiros lights earlier in this thread. Ignoring my desire to control each colour separately for a minute, this is also necessary because the light draws 95W with all channels at 100%, which would exceed the 4amp limit of the TC420 and so would have to happen anyway for this light.

My question though is that in the comments on a video I saw on youtube on the TC420 (This one: ), the producer states that the red channel may need to be run at 2.2 volts and so a voltage regulator would need to be connected in-line.

Can anyone confirm if this would be the case and would advise I install such a regulator?

I assume the power supply provides each channel with the same voltage, and so would the light not already have a regulator in-line somewhere else, and therefore I don't need to correct it myself?

Or, is this just another made up statement on the internet and all channels are run at the same voltage?

Thanks in advance!
Best option for you is to actually measure the voltage and perhaps current coming out of the commander when it's working. Otherwise it would be difficult to guess unless if you have the the circuit diagrams for this light.

Chihiros plus RGB doesn't come cheap and you don't want to damage it!