TetraTec Scraper

17 Mar 2012
Most of us will find a scraper useful at some point. I used to have one of those Algarde ones with the planting fork on the other end. They work well enough but they are only about a 30cm long. Some years back I bought one of the Tetra ones and it works very well. The reason I decided to post this mini review is that it has some features I hadn't fully appreciated before. First off is that the blade extends both sides of the holder so it scrapes both when you’re pushing it downwards and when you pull it back the other way. This is due to the swivel head. The other nice thing is that as the plastic part that faces the glass is white you can easily see any dirty areas of the Aquarium that need cleaning through the glass. This would not be possible if Tetra had decided to use a darker plastic so I assume it’s by design. The blades are 6cm long but the head is a little wider, I assume this is to prevent users damaging the silicon in the corners of the Aquarium. The blades are perfectly flat when out of the holder but bend considerably when fitted to allow both edges to scrape. The green shaft appears to be made from glass fibre so it’s nice and durable and doesn’t bend easily. How durable the other plastic parts are remain to be seen but with care will hopefully last a few years. The scraper costs about £9.50 at the moment and spare blades are £3.50 a pair. As you can see from the picture it’s a useful 45cm long.

Edit: I think I’ve seen this scraper under another brand so you may be able to get it cheaper.