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The Edible Scape

Amazing how fast this is coming along... beautiful close ups!
Thank you Michael!
Omg sugar glass and chocolate riverwood?!!!!!!!! CHOCOLATE SOIL FINALLY HAS A PURPOSE
Haha yes! Sugar glass is exactly what I had in mind, and I know a great recipe for chocolate soil.
17th August:
The first iteration of Edible Scapes is complete!

What an experiment it's been. Short and sharp but it has helped to improve my horticultural, aquascaping and photography skills all at once! Can't argue with that.

From a design perspective, I'd say I'm 90% happy with it, but from an experimental perspective I'm 100% happy. Many things I tried had some theory and previous experience to back it up but no guarantee of success and so the success rate of the plants were relatively high.

I've blabbed about it before but the most crucial element of this project, without a doubt was timing. To the point where by the end of the project, I knew exactly what date it would be finished based on plant growth habits. It's occurred to me though, through careful selection you could setup something like this long term using primarily cut-and-come-again varieties, even reseeding the carpet when it's maxed out.

I actually forgot to sow some species, I'm not sure how because they were all written down but my brain... Some species I chose to leave out. Here's the final list of everything used;

Lepidium Sativum (Curly Cress)
Sinapis Alba (White Mustard)
Allium Tuberosum (Garlic Chive)
Rumex Sanguineus (Red Veined Sorrel)
Amaranthus Cruentus (Red Amaranth)
Brassica raps v. Niposinica (Mizuna)
Zea Mays (Sweetcorn)
Triticum Aestivum (Wheatgrass)
Lactuca Sativa (Lollo Rosso/Oak Leaf)
Fragaria × ananassa (Strawberry)

I'm starting to do some new research and jotting down ideas for the next iteration and I'm thinking to continue it on this journal and let it evolve somewhat.

I'll share some detail shots a bit later but here's the final thing;
To conclude the story on this project, you can now read about it in the latest edition of 'fish' magazine, a sister publication to Practical Fishkeeping!

I tussled with Nathan Hill whilst explaining how I did it and why.

For such an involved process I'm surprised this journal ended up only being 2 pages 😅



Well done mate. 👏

The fact that you've had pictures of your culinary skills featured in an aquatic magazine should also give you bragging rights amongst fellow chef's 😉
Thanks John! 😁

I will make sure to milk it as much as possible haha. But really it's a real honour that a small idea in my head could receive this level of interest.
Sorry if I missed it, but I think you can add hydrocotyle, pennywort.
Oh yeah for sure, I had actually compiled a list to do another version with edible aquatic plants. There's a decent amount, but the issue was they didn't have the greatest culinary value which was important for me in the first project.

I'm working on something closely related to the Edible Scape at the moment so I will post the progress here!
To conclude the story on this project, you can now read about it in the latest edition of 'fish' magazine, a sister publication to Practical Fishkeeping!
I always thought that Edible Scape was such a radical diversion... big congratulations on getting the story on this scape published!