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Titles of the Posts / Threads / Topics

Paulo Soares

6 Nov 2014
Good morning,

I´ve been here in this forum for quite a year or more now.

One thing i notice on this (as in other foruns) that i don´t deal pretty good well are the titles of the topics created by forum members.

Foruns have moderators and i believe that they should do or pay more attention to this subject.

For instance, a member creating a topic with the title "HI There" and then we go on reading and he is presenting his tank or requesting help on some matter etc. Is this acceptable?

"Hi There" ?
"Hi guys!" and then the member is asking for help on a CO2 matter.

If the member need help on CO2 than why not a Topic title according to that?

So what is this? If the guy need help on a CO2 matter why not changing the title according to what is the real subject in it?

These are only examples. Cause this forum is filled with this kind of errors.

What i mean and intend is that the moderators should read the posts and oblige the members to change the titles according to what is the problem/helprequired/ sugestion or whatever it is. Or change it themselves.

Cause this is a big confusion. And that´s why we have people asking the same things obver and over again.

Cause with this kind of titles the filter can´t work properly and don´t bring search results to what is needed.

I yet didn't realy took notice of this, but you are actualy right paulo.. But why should an admin be the only one constantly scrutenizing this.. Members get the option to eddit the topic title they created after it's posted.. So why not the one member reading it and notecing it point this out to the TS and ask him to change it accordingly.. This as advice how to properly use this community for optimal results with more people finding his/her topic and thus faster resolving their problem. Another lesson learned we all benefit from. :thumbup:

Thanks.. :)
Hi Paulo and Zozo
Your correct...it can be a tad frustrating to see these kind of Postings!
Moderators have been assigned certain areas to look after, therefore they don't have complete control on all Threads/Postings/Topics!
Maybe its something we all should be vigilant on more often!
To be fair the recent "hi there" and "hi guys" are in the new members introductions so saying hi is not such a disaster really. It is unfortunate that they then go on to ask questions or post photos that would be better being asked/shown in the relevant forum but then they are new members and perhaps not familiar with how to go about things on Ukaps. Bad titles on questions - I'm not sure you can really police this. Do we start picking people up on dreadful spelling or grammar too because these two things drive me up the wall?

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Got to be honest. If I see a thread entitled "Hi there" then I'm 99% sure thats a new member introducing themselves in the "New Members Introductions" sub-forum.

If they then ask about co2 then we as members can either answer it quickly or guide them to make a new post in the co2 forum. Changing the title and moving the post to another forum with loads of "Hi" replies will just be confusing for the OP and other posters.

Cant really see a problem with it myself? o_O
Just human nature I think. Sometimes random conversations can develop etc. Some people are good at asking questions and getting their answer by being polite etc. In a way, "Hi there" is a nice way to get attention if you are a newbie.

What I've noticed is that one can get tired answering the same question over and over again. I have had that myself which means I need to take a break from the forums. Hopefully the people I have helped over the last few weeks will continue to help the newbies who ask the same questions etc. :)
I dont subscribe to this that we should drop the Hi s,Hellos,Good Mornings, some get right to the topic others might really need help with plants and it could be light,co2,substrate its all linked and visa versa and as Stu says quite easy to redirect and makes the forum friendly but knowledgeable without "just" reference points.And we need banter now and again(helps the upset over the BBA :()let those without sin cast the first stone Cheers.
Hiya, I'm really new to both this forum and planted tanks and I agree that I have posted unhelpful titles and in the wrong topic!

I have deliberated whether to post in plants or algae...or perhaps it should be in ferts as that is likely to be the cause? I would like to gain the best responses to my queries and questions in the best possible places... but unfortunately lack of knowledge & not being familiar enough with the boards leads to this!
Gentle signposting would be appreciated in this instance!

I do also feel that moderators are primarily there to manage tone, diffuse any heated discussions and ensure members communicate with courtesy and respect one another. As long as advice is offered in the same manner then hopefully no-one would take offense!
I think a lot of people who speak English as second language here struggle with misnamed thread titles etc perhaps more than others. UKAPS attracts members from Europe and surrounds with great diversity of language, more so than some other aquarium forums. I understand the difficulty in making everyone happy.

Compared to other forums, UKAPS is pretty easy to navigate.