Took the old one down


20 Jan 2019
Hong kong
It has been a year and I got bored with the old scape, so decide to took it down this week end and try to do a rock scape. My old tank is the second pic and the new one is the first one.

Got the stones in and will be adding the plants tomorrow . any suggestion of what plant to put in ? Do i need morr substrate in ? Now is around 2 cm in the front and 6 cm at the back.

Plant wise I was looking for a carpeting plant and some taller plant at the back, so nubias around the rocks but the key is i want all plant to grow slower cuz I kinda want a low maintainence tank.

I am still very new to this since this is my second tank, so any suggestions is welcome ! Thanks !

Tank spec:

Size: 45 x 30 x 27
Filter: eheim compact 60
Co2: yes
Soil: ada amazonia
Light: opnova 360 ( i think thats th full name of it )

Live stock:
1 betta
6 amano shrimp
5 - 7 random snails

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17 Aug 2018
If you want the plants to grow slower you could turn off the co2, dim the light and reduce fertilisation?
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