Transferring existing setups into a new tank

Discussion in 'Hardware & DIY' started by skinz180189, 31 Oct 2009.

  1. skinz180189

    skinz180189 Member

    27 Jun 2009
    Selby, N.Yorks
    Just curious how you guys go about transferring an existing setup into another tank?

    I'm going to be transferring fish and other aspects of the setup (plants,decor,substrates) into a larger tank. I will be using an external filter this time instead of internals. I don't have the space to let the new tank mature, as there's no way I'll be able to lift it even half full of water.

    So, are there any ways I can get around this like using water/filter media from the existing setups?
  2. AdAndrews

    AdAndrews Member

    22 Feb 2009
    Kidderminster, Worcs
    run the filter you are currently using on your set-up at the moment with the new filter, or simply switch the media into the new filter.

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