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Trimming cryptocoryne

5 Feb 2012
Colchester Essex
Hi please help. Is it ok to trim back cryptocoryne and if so how? do I trim off the outer leaves from the bottom. I want to take out some of the wendtii green from the RHS


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In our limited experience you can cut off any leaf down to the base without a problem.
We have cut back 90% on one at it soon recovered with healthy new growth.

However for your plant feel trimming it back will only be a temporary fix as it clearly looks like its taking over the tank with a massive root system.
Think whats needed at some point soon with be to divide it either by cutting and removing half the plants roots or by removing it all and replanting a smaller section.
Probably depends on how much substrate disturbance can be tollerated ?
The one we had to remove had quiet a big fibrous root system.