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TTEX1200 flow with equipement?


19 Jan 2009
hi, how much do you think the flow on a TetraTec EX1200 will be reduced by putting a Hydor external heater on the inflow and a Aquamedic 1000 reactor on the outflow? enought to leave me needing another filter in a 180L even with a korila 1?
thats the same setup ive got glenn except ive got a sera external co2 mixer and ot an aquamedic. no doubt the flow is lowered but ive got it going out of a 13mm lily pipe which speeds it up somewhat. The koralia is definately needed though plsu it depends on the amount of hardscape and plants youve got in as mine is an iwagumi so not much to get in the way of the flow.
I use to filters orignally 2x tetratec1200s for taking the inline heaters and co2 via two reactors. I dont know how much they affect the flow, but i am sure they have some impact, if small. I use other filters and powerheads in addition to make up/ensure good flow.

In your case I would use additional flow anyway given that the rating of 1200 is not likely to be with media. I tend to take a conservative figure of around 60%.
I've use the ex1200 with a hydor and a DIY reactor (twice the size of the aquamedic).
Flow was reduced but only by a little.
Also on a 180l tank.

Obviously each tanks balance is different, but I started to get a couple of dead spots when the tank was a full on jungle, any less than that and it was fine. So you may be fine :)
Yes, that was the other point I was going to make, dont get too het up about flow to start with. When a tank is sparse a slightly lower turnover is not such a problem but when it evolves into a big jungle then it could be more of an issue. You could just go with what you have an play it by how things evolve over time.

At best expect half the filter rating as a realistic guide as to what you actually get but then all setups are different as previously mentioned. If you really want to know just measure it, put a Litre jug under the outflow and time how long it takes to fill. The maths is pretty simple from there on in even I can work it out.

The EI 10x guideline ruling took into account of the flow losses initially but even following that you have a shortfall of 600Litres per hour on a 180 litre tank.

I use 2 x EX1200's on a 240litre tank and have a aquamedic reactor inline on one of the returns. I've found that I needed to suppliment this with 2 Koralias adding a further 4000LPH of total flow to the tank which is around 25x tank volume. But having said this my flow pattern isn't the standard back to front commonly advised, more a left to right along the entire front face of the tank which requires a lot more flow to achieve even distribution.

I think an awfull lot depends on your flow patterns and the hardscape/flora that has to be overcome to avoid deadspots.

Regards, Chris.