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UKAPS Members Photo Album

mill lane in yately,fished the lake for 3 years for 4 carp......lol enjoyed every minute of it tho.
pretty much given up the carp fishing now tho(too much hastle with all the bivvy boy 12 cans of stella all the gear no idea wannabe's for my liking),prefer trotting a float on the river now 2lb+ roach are just as pleasing to catch.
even considering getting a pole :wideyed: cant beleive im loving it on the dark side.....lol

cheers dave
I like the pole fishing and the river fishing italian method!

Hello :D


I know I look a miserable git - but that blue sky is deceptive, it was a freezing cold day and I wanted to get off the beach and go to the pub!
Failed miserably, any help, as am sure ur all desperate to see what i look like.

Sorry for bein such a noob. :(
This is Tomcus Barrinesis in his native habitat:

With a Floridian willow moss growth on the chin:


Captive tank caught:


And the mountain version:


Tom barr
Graeme Edwards said:
Your looking rather sullen there...nothing like what you sounded like,Caroline.
You girls and the weather ahy :rolleyes:

:lol: I'm the worlds biggest jess if I'm not dressed for the weather, Graeme. Now, if I'd have had my Icebreaker long johns on, I'd have been much happier 8)
Tom - I think you need to increase your C02, that beard algae looks nasty ;)
digging up an old thread again :)
this is me and my gf jade playing chinese whispers at about 6 in the morning after an all nighter :lol:
What a good idea!

This is me, what am i drinking i here you ask? A bloody mary after a heavy session for my stag do!

This is also me kitesurfing earlier this year! Anytime there is wind you will find me at the beach! :thumbup:
SteveUK said:
I think you left something in the water when you took the the air! :woot: :sick: :lol:

Steve :clap: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: i have never noticed that i had left them behind!

Well spotted very good!
Nick16 said:
that really must take some balls to do that :lol:

I have been doing for 10 years now so it second nature, however in the begining getting 4ft in the air scared the sh*t out of me! :?