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Very small, quiet pump?


11 Oct 2009
I am looking for a very small ie 3-5w water pump, to power some irrigation I have instated in a gravel bed to grow some root immersed plants.
This is in my living space and I have already tried two small power heads but the high frequency noise is very distracting!
So any suggestions or experience with a quieter pump would be welcome ……
You could try the Ada pump sold for the Dooa system aqua 30 and system terra. It's not perfectly silent but when I manage to prevent it to touch the glass, it's pretty quiet (I've got it on my desk so I've got a pretty good idea). Not sure it's strong enough for you though.

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I’m with @noodlesuk - the USB pumps are pretty good. I have this USB pump:

Amazon product

I picked it as it had a higher output and greater head height than most of the other 5v USB pumps.

The one caveat being I’ve not had chance to test it long term, but I was quite surprised by how much water it can spit out, and as far as I can tell it was largely silent.
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I've bought a couple of the same model of pump from a China seller for us$3.50 each. It appears that the flowrate varies with input voltage between 3.5v-9v (i.e. the way most DC motors work, like in voltage controlled usb fans)

Using an ordinary usb 5v output you'll therefore not get the maximum possible speed from the pump... which might actually be a good thing because at 5v 0.2amp (i.e. 1w), its pretty silent. I'm guess sending 9v to it will make the pump pretty noisy.

I was a bit worried that I would be spending a lot of time fishing out dead leaves stuck inside the pump but the design is pretty good and there's not much place for leaves to get stuck inside - leaves that are sucked in just pass through and pushed out of the pump
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