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Video of Tom Barr's open house meet and trim ideas

I need a bigger home... ;)

Simply stunning, the light from the tanks guides you through the home, from colour composition to colour composition, and nothing seems to be out of place, it all flows, both in the tanks, as well as from tank to tank... Hat's off to you kind Sir...

Feeling doubly green now... ;)
Well, I like to have enough space to enjoy the tanks and they are in the center of the living space, so I can do other things while hanging out with the kids and family.
If you hide a tank away in some odd spot, then it's not enjoyed.

Same with the Bonsai and landscaping etc.

The wood pic was just the a day's gathering worth, there's a side of the house that's covered about 15 meters x 2 meters H x 1 meter wide that's full of wood also. And you never saw the rock either.
I'm pretty matter of fact about most things.
No poetry here. Just common sense, and Nature style has a lot more than many seem to realize.
Many BS you with the poetry crap, or the Zen stuff, that's rubbish.
I saw the bonsai and thought "Mr Miyagi".

So now we know what Tom sounds like. Different to what I imagined actually.

I look at those plants and realise I have still so far to go. They are so healthy.[DOUBLEPOST=1406141681][/DOUBLEPOST]Did anyone answer the door?
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Nice vid Tom, and you do a lot of talking with your hands, this is a sign of a leader...Tom for President!

Also nice to hear Richard Ashcroft getting an outing at the beginning.
Thought it was...it's been a long time since I've heard anything of his...

It's actually the Chemical Brothers - The Test...but what a tune! It's a proper running tune. He's not doing much at the moment, since he did RPA and the United Nations of Sound. If you haven't heard any of their stuff, I would check it out, brilliant stuff.