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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by samc, 23 Oct 2009.

  1. samc

    samc Member

    i am allways looking for websites with good information on, so i can learn more and cant seem to find many.

    i woundered if you guys know of any good website with great tips on?

    heres one i found http://www.aquajournal.net/na/layout/006/index.html it has some priceless information on there :D

    please post yours
  2. sjb123

    sjb123 Member

    Banbury, Oxon
    Hi Sam,

    interesting article on trimming stem plants!
    I've always followed the Dennerle method which recommends taking out the whole plant and replanting the strongest cuttings!
    Think i will give it a go as i can see the benefits in getting the stem to bush out and then shape it.

    Thanks, Steve :thumbup:
  3. Dave Spencer

    Dave Spencer Member

    N. Wales
    I couldn`t even begin to think how impractical this would be for virtually all the scapes on this forum. I think there is a sticky on this forum regarding pruning etc.


    Sam, have you looked on The Barr Report?
  4. samc

    samc Member

    forgot about that dave cheers

    here is another good bit of info


    click on the bits at the bottom of the page

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