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Washing hands before putting them in the tank!


21 Aug 2008
Hi, this may seem like a stupid question, but here goes... I work as a school caretaker and as such, I have a fair bit of chemical residue on my hands after work. I always wash my hands before doing tank maintenance, but is there any kind of soap that could cause problems in the tank for either flora or fauna? Am I being paranoid? :?
I would assume soap isn't exactly good for your tank, whether it be for the fish, plants or both but it's better than having chemicals or whatnot on your hands.

I don't bother washing my hands before putting them in the tank unless I have something on them, like sauce or something then I just give them a rinse.
misscaretaker said:
Thanks, some of the chemicals are listed as "dangerous to aquatic life" which is what got me thinking. Hopefully I won't have that much on my hands though! I'd rather check that pollute the tank! :oops:
I know the feeling, whenever I've been using Jeyes to clean my flower pots I keep a wide berth from the tank until I've had a chance to wash the splashes off my arms!

I think generally if you just find a bog standard soap without too much scent, wash them at school before you leave, by the time you get home to put your hands in the tank there shouldn't be anything to worry about.