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Whats everyone's new year resolution???

I mean join the gym!! Whoops lol

Haha no mine is to enter a Brazilian jiu jitsu competition every month.
And to be happy :)

Have a good one guys and girls.
Not to make any new year resolutions...............................................oops,I just have :lol: .
My first new scape in two years would be nice.

Secondly, and it is more of a personal goal than a resolution, is to hand in my notice at work and become self employed buying/selling/renting property abroad.

Regards, Dave.
New years resolutions? I've not made any but have some things I want to do this year.

Pimp out my 60l with external filter, co2 and new light and possibly try an Iwagumi with HC and dragon stone, how much does a kidney fetch on Ebay these days? :lol:

More experimenting with my new found passion of making candles. :shh:

Keep a colony of cherry shrimp without them dropping 1 by 1.
Gill said:
Try to curb my ebay spending on fish and equipment
Also to redo my Juwel Rio 120
Same as every year,Stop smoking.
Longest I have managed to stop was one month after a heart attack five year's ago.
Sadly,,the medication that they gave me in hospital to curb the want for a smoke was more expensive than the heart pills,high blood pressure pills,nitrate pills,colestorol pills, and I could not afford all.
I think I shall stop just before the one that kills me. :oops: