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Whats up with my Bubble Counter


11 Sep 2010
Manchester, UK
Hi All,

Alistair gave me a new diffuser yesterday which you can see below.

My bubble counter is acting weird, can anyway tell me why its doing this (stopping and starting with the bubbles) i have currently set my pressure from 1.9 to 2.5 to allow the new diffuser to work.


Hi Westy, I had my bubble counter do this once when I put in a super atomiser. I opened the regulator as far as it would go but the bubble rate in the counter wouldn't increase. I put it down to not having enough working pressure even though it was reading about 2.5 bar. I put my glass diffuser back in and it worked fine.
Yeh alastair said it could be the co2 tubing but I bought it from aqua essentials and sure it was special co2 tubing.