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Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by LondonDragon, 28 Apr 2008.

  1. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Didn't see a post for London here so I openned this one, the one for the South judging from the pictures on the post don't cover it :p

    Just contacted Wholesale Tropicals regarding CO2 refills, they do them but the bottle must be shipped off store on Thursdays and comes back the following Thursday, so a week without CO2 unless you have two bottles.

    Wholesale Tropicals 220 Bethnal Green Road Bethnal Green London United Kingdom E2 0AA Tel: 0207 739 5356

    I have been to this store a few times, its the best in London when it comes to tropical fish selection, hundreds of fresh water tanks, with all kinds of fish, including some oddballs.

    Usually keeps a good selection of plants, but I wasn't happy about their health last time I visited.

    Recommend a visit.
  2. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Another great store is Aquatic Design Centre.
    They have a large collection of most common tropical fish, also a separate section on Chiclids.
    They have a wide range of marine fish and corals available too. The store is over two floors.

    If you guys can ever visit they have always about 10+ display tanks, the most impressive ones being marine. They do have a few planted displays also.

    They stock a good range of Tropica plants.

    Aquatic Design Centre, 109 Great Portland St, , London W1W 6QG, Tel: 020 7636 6388

    Regarding CO2, they exchange only JBL bottles.

    Worth a Visit.
  3. Arana

    Arana Member

    Funny enough i was in wholesale tropicals today as i'm currently working in Brick Lane, i got 4 pots of Downoi for a tenner...Bargain :D
  4. Dacious

    Dacious Member

    I've been to Wholesale Tropicals and Aquatic Design Centre and agree with all the comments, 2 really cool stored in central London. My regulars include Iver MA, St. Albans MA, Hillingdon MA. Occassionally I go to all the stores in Enfield but it is a bit far out. Lately I've not been impressed with Iver MA, the fish are quite expensive there for what they are and you could get the same fish for less elsewhere. They do have a tropica section there but they have let that down really by mixing them in with non-tropica plants and I think the prices for their tropica plants are a little high, incidentally a non-tropica Hemianthus micranthemoides costs £8.50!. They used to have loads of oddballs etc but now it caters more for bread and butter keepers. St. Albans is brilliant and they have loads of tropica plants 6 for £20 (codes 1-7) and the fish selection is outstanding.
  5. jay

    jay Member

    Harrow, Middlesex
    Yeah but most of the staff don't bother with the codes.. I got 3 of Java fern 'Narrow' and Bolbitis each for £20.
    Total bargain. Pets@Home in Ruislip is terrible but they do Tropica pots 3 for £9. Got Anubias Barteri nana really fresh.
    Just need to know when they get a new delivery :twisted:
  6. durtydurty

    durtydurty Member

    Staring at my Galaxies in Wilts
    Im glad you started this thread as Im off to the big smoke myself tonight for a day out tommorrow and was gonna start a thread about fish shops in London, Aquatic design is fairly central so will be off to have a gander tommorrow.

  7. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Few more shops I have been to recently:

    MA @ Morden (Morden Hall Garden Centre, Morden Hall Rd, Morden, Surrey, SM4 5JG Tel: 020 864 6 1066) is an excelent place to visit, they have a great selection of fish both tropical and marine.
    Lately they are getting very good when it comes to planted tanks, stocking a lot of varietes or rock including mini landscape, dragon stone and pagoda stone. Also some nice pieces of redmoor roots and sumatra wood.
    Plant wise its improving and had a good selection when I visited, worth checking out their display planted tank too, loved the pellia in there. :)

    MA @ Syon (Syon Park Garden Centre, Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 8JG Tel: 020 856 8 7776), just next to Syon House, visited this store when I went to Brentford, algo very good quality shop, nice selection of fish both tropical and marine, plant wise again not very great, at least the time I visited.

    Pets @ Home in Brentford (won't bother with address), was there a couple weeks ago and I have to say that I was very disapointed, dead fish all over the place, the staff not very helpfull or knowledgable, I just walked off without buying anything, even though they had in stock what I was looking for. Plant wise I would say that they have some excelent example of dead plants!

    Tachbrook Tropicals (244 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1AY Tel: 020 783 4 5179), this is a little store near Victoria Station, this is actually where I brought my Rio 125 a few years ago, they have been in decline over the years and last time I was there the store was in pretty bad shape, after asking the staff what was going on with the store, they said that they are building a new place nearby that should be opening soon with much better facilities, their prices are not very friendly either and do sell non aquatic plants for aquariums.
    Once in a while they do get some nice plants, have brought HC for £2 a pot previously, staff are friendly but I wouldn't say very knowledgable.

    Thats all for now ;)
  8. joyous214

    joyous214 Member

    Completely agree p@h in Brentford, they are rubbish! i foolishly bought some fish a while ago, diseased, horrible, died quickly. Plants can be good if they have just had some stock in. Staff are rubbish apart from "Dave" head guy knows his marine stuff not so much on the tropical.

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