Where to buy in Ireland.

Discussion in 'Where to buy ...' started by Graeme Edwards, 26 Jun 2007.

  1. Graeme Edwards

    Graeme Edwards Founder Staff Member

    Wirral/Chester Cheshire.

    Post your Ireland shops in this forum following the posting format in the announcement.

  2. dsandson

    dsandson Member

    Belfast, NI
    Shop Name: Exotic Aquatics

    Location: Prince Regent Street, Belfast.

    Directions: Drive up the Cregagh Road, out of town, take next left after Lidl.

    Specialise in: Nice range of Tropical fish, few goldies, Marine fish and Corals. Stocks Tropica Plants.

    Overall Verdict: Nice shop with brilliant friendly staff. Fish tanks kept in great condition. Looks to have been bringing in lots of Planted aquaria stock (Substrates, CO2, etc) with A nice Ocean Free tank with Arcadia luminaire recently set up for display.

    *update; now selling Seiryu Stone, displayed as landscape rock for a bargain price of £2.75 per kg. Supply has apparently been intermittant, so get it while you can if you see it.


    Shop Name: Grovesnor Tropicals

    Location: Riverside Centre, Lisburn.

    Directions: Coming off the Motorway at Lisburn, follow the signs for the town centre. Take the next left after the Maxol garage. Riverside centre is then on your right.

    Specialise in: Good range of Tropicals, goldies, Marine fish and Corals. Also Stocks Tropica Plants, with a slightly larger dislpay.

    Overall Verdict: Nice shop with excellent tank showroom upstairs. Has the impressive Fluval Osaka Aquariums on display. Fish are all great, but the staff often leave something to be desired.
  3. Gerryf77

    Gerryf77 Newly Registered

    Does petsathome count lol
  4. Gerryf77

    Gerryf77 Newly Registered

    Just thought maybe they do, they stock tropica plants now.

    Is this were to post for plants for sale or for fish for sale. As there are a few small fish stores near me that don't sell plants but are hard to find with a Google search. I would like to know if there are more near me

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