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Which tank for shrimp 45p or 60p? ADA C/Garden or Do!Aqua?


5 Oct 2010
Hemel Hempstead
Ok need some more sound advice before I start spending hard earned cash lol

I was gonna go for an ADA Cube Garden 45p - L45 x D27 x H30cm

now I just can't decide between that or a 60p - L60 x D30 x H36cm

The price difference is minimal, price isn't really a problem though, I just want the best for my future shrimp.

The Go! Aqua range I understand are the cheaper alternative of ADA Cube Garden and use regular glass rather than optiwhite.
Is Optiwhite needed for a shrimp tank, will I benefit greatly from it?
Is the silicon on Go! Aqua tanks as good as the Cube Garden tanks?

Sorry for all the questions but I really wanna prep everything to the max first ;)

Btw I plan to have three of the same size tank in an upstairs bedroom but I'm guessing with the total weight spread over one side of the room shouldn't be a problem.
A 60cm tank would be like 54 litres I think? so 54 litres x 3 = 162litres

Iain Sutherland

Global Moderator
7 Jul 2011
Re: Which tank for shrimp 45p or 60p? ADA C/Garden or Do!Aqu

they are all nice tanks mate just depends what you fancy. Opti white really makes a huge difference when taking pictures and some difference when viewing. Bare in mind if you go for a shallower tank you will want you water level 2cm below the top or the shrimp will go for a walk.