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Would these fish be okay in a planted


New Member
11 Oct 2009
i am in the middle of buying a new 72x24x30 tank and i am considering having another go at making a planted thank

the fish i am currently planning to move over are

black ghost knife fish x1
elephant nose x1
l201 x1
bristlenose x 2
blue acara x 2-4
bleading heart tetras x8
severum x4
pearl gouamui x2
red tail black shark x1
royal whiptail x2

will these fish be okay in a planted tank and would parrot chiclids be too destructive as i dont want to rehome my pair its going to be hard enough rehoming my royal plec and common :(
any help would be apreciated


19 Aug 2008
Agree on the parrot eating plants. Never been able to keep anything alive plant wise in my tanks with my parrot, even anubias and ferns suffer in the long run.

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