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    Any tips for glueing moss to wood?

    When I first attempted it I used liquid superglue and it left huge white marks all over the place. It didn't look very good but the marks very quickly disappeared under the moss, etc. So it doesn't really matter - just go for it.
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    37x 17 x 18 custom built

    Great base and it'll look even better once the plants fill in. I also have lava rock and anubias growing out from between them, love the look. One problem I have found with lava rock is it degrads quite quickly so I have to hoover it - but plants take to it quickly and it looks good!
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    I meant O ring when I referred to the rubber seal before. There is no way the JBl regulator will fit on the co2 cylinder from the brewing company. I have managed to get the extra bits - hose barb and reducing connectors to fit on my new welding regulator but I'm not 100% happy with it. It is...
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    ok - so I decided to get a regulator and thought that would be the end of my problems. I bought one of these: mainly because they could deliver next day. It fits the gas bottle but the outlet is way too big. Does anyone know of a reducing...
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    Yes, I have that. I even changed the rubber ring to a new one just in case the old one was slightly broken but it made no difference.
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    Hello, in need of some help. I use a JBL regulator on a JBL 2kg cylinder for my co2. However I've been getting fed up with the cost of the refills and opted to get a CO2 cylinder from a brewing supplier. That was great, cheaper and they deliver to the door BUT when I attached my regulator...
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    Advice scaping deep aquarium

    I would suggest some sort of terracing with rocks and or wood. Here's an example I really like: ... ol=2&id=57 The benefit of building a terrace is you get rid of some height and it allows your aquascaping arms to reach the planting area much easier. It...
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    I'm after some Erect moss. It seems to be a lot harder to get hold of since the last time I grew it. Does anyone know of anyone selling it here/to the UK? Thanks, Tony
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    TetraTec EX 2400 - review

    well I'm not sure what to make of it. The filters have been running for a few days and streams of bubbles still poor out when you shake the filter.
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    TetraTec EX 2400 - review

    Hi, I'm setting up my tank and initially bought two Eheim 2128's. They turned up and were damaged in the post. I tried them out and were totally silent but they went back and I decided to get two Tetratec Ex1200's. I like the power and look of the filter but it does seem to be riddled with...
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    DIY Project DIY Reactor - pictures, assembly and testing

    Hi Edd, Looking very good, it's making me fell lazy just watching! Like the others i'm happy to go with no bio balls.
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    Where to get wood?

    I spend a lot of time near the sea and have lots of driftwood lying about the house picked up from walks. Do you think given a soaking and wash these bits of sea driftwood would be alright to use? Cheers, Tony
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    Hi guys, I'm just looking for a bit if advice. I'm about to drill a tank and experiment with whether to use a closed loop system or a sump. I would prefer having a sump but need to try it out to see how quiet I can make it. My question is if I have a Durso stand pipe is it really necessary to...
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    Hi all, I'm re-setting up an old tank of mine and I'm at the point of choosing all my equipment. I want to have an inline CO2 reactor but having looked at a lot on the market and the DIY designs that a lot of them have 90 degree elbows both entering and exiting the inline reactor chamber. Why...
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    Filter options

    I think the Hydors are grear but I liked the idea of having the heater built into the filter. Neater option. Also the Hydors will not fit onto the FX5 without reducing the flow. My tank is 75 gallons and while I would love a sump to play with I've definately decided to go with the closed loop...