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    Aquascape help

    Thats a good help thanks, I'm pretty new to this and i dont have an artistic bone in my body, i have been playing with some more ideas, and maybe deviating away from the original idea :lol: I'll try and get some more pictures soon :D
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    Aquascape help

    Ahh good idea, what kind kind of plants do you think would look good? Sam.
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    Aquascape help

    I like the look of this So i have tried to create it in a 7l nano/pico, I am planning to have lots of flow to simulate a stream, with some shrimp only probably. How does that look, could you help me make it more pleasing on the eye? And what kind of plants would go in there? Sam.
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    Aquascaping on TV

    Re: Aquascaping on Sky1 - You Tube link Brilliantly done, shame i missed it yesterday Good publicity for the hobby :)
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    ADA Seiryu Stone vs Mini Landscape Rock

    Got any pics? I studied geology for 3 years :)
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    Aquael Shrimp tanks Sam. :)
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    Where can I get Chocolate Gourami's??

    Would that be the one in Pontardullais? Or in Wyvale in Llansamlet. If you want to have the best range of fish to choose from in wales i would highly recommend MH in Cardiff if you would like we could arrange some kind of meet up as i travel up every now and then from Neath so if you like you...
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    Thats a very good idea :D Thanks.
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    DIY co2. can you over dose ?

    In your OP you stated you had it running 24/7 That wont help
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    DIY co2. can you over dose ?

    Having an air stone running isnt going to help you co2 levels ;)
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    ADA Aquascaping Contest rules?

    Would love to give this a go but i cant see my scape filling out enough by the closing date :( Sam.
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    Fishless cycling and EI dosing

    I would do a 100% water change, refill leave for a few days then add a low stocking of fish :)
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy easter everyone, whos got the most eggs? :lol:
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    60x45x45 Optiwhite

    By dead space i meant that the space behind is a little useless, personally i would prefer the hard scape further back with some room for some plants behind and then a nice carpet in the fore ground, using all the space behind for planting taler plants would dominate the scape.
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. Good thinking, thats why i have my premixed ferts on a shelf directly over my tank :) Sam.