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  1. C

    60x40x40 90l first attempt at an aquascape

    Hi guys I'm a new member here. attempting my first aquascape and my first planted tank. currently waiting on my c02 diffuser and lily pipes Equipment: Tank: APS ultra clear 60cm 90l Filter: Aquael UltraMax 2000 Lights: Chihiro's RGB A series 45 watt Hardscape: red moor wood and Dark Mini...
  2. CooKieS

    60x40x40cm Dragon stone iwagumi

    Hi there, Just settled this scape today for an Friend, though it was an good Idea to create an journal :-) He's an beginner so nothing too fancy here, just an kinda iwagumi setup full of easy plants. ;-) Tech: 60x40x40cm, optiwhite rimless tank, 96liters Twinstar e600 led JBL e901 filter...
  3. CooKieS

    Ada 60P, 'behind blue eyes'

    Hi, I'm actually planning the hardscape of my 2020 contest tank, as Always my beloved 60p. Rocks: seiryu stones Soil material: la plata Sand, Aqua gravel Roots: -senganni -river Wood -talawa Wood This will be an mixed style tank, jungly in the foreground and more NA style in the background...
  4. Crawdaddy

    CD's 60cm

    Latest FTS (Week 8): Latest Spec: Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60P (60x30x36) Lighting: BOYU luminaire unit with 2 x 24w T5 on 6 hours per day Co2: Pressurised disposable welding bottles. Co2Art dual stage regulator with adapter. Solenoid valve set to come on at 7 hrs before lights on and 1 hr before...
  5. Dave Pierce

    Dave's TMC Signature Island

    Hi everyone, :happy: So pleased to have received my TMC signature this week from my LFS. It really is a top quality piece of kit & looks very smart. Today marks the beginning of a new aquascape, one that I'm not going to rush in to. This will be my 2nd Journal, having previously posted on...