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19 Jan 2016

I'm actually planning the hardscape of my 2020 contest tank, as Always my beloved 60p.

Rocks: seiryu stones
Soil material: la plata Sand, Aqua gravel
-river Wood
-talawa Wood

This will be an mixed style tank, jungly in the foreground and more NA style in the background with lots of stems.

Here's the first pics (excuse me for the ridiculous smartphone drawing) :D


And what Comes next is in orange (more wood and rocks):


To be continued...cheers ;)
Crushed AS and super glue suppose to work well too. Not used it myself yet.

I've tried both cig filters and crushed AS, actually crushed black tropica soil is nice to hide the white cig filters but it doesn't seem very sturdy...:crazy:

This is gonna be special!

I Hope so mate;)

JBL Proharu is a black coloured glue, would be good for dark woods

Would love to try this one but it better works nicely...15€! o_O

Thanks for the tips guys
Scheming in my cave....and gluing my fingers!:lol:


BTW I would love to try drystart on this one but I've Never tried this before so I got an few questions;

-is it better to drystart only mosses, anubias, buces and ferns first and then plant stems when flooding?
-is it ok to drystart with ferns?
-how to avoid fungus?
-how many lightning hours daily?
-is the joghurt method better than glue?

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Good Idea that foam, actually I'm using black silicon glue for Big Roots, and AS+cig filter+cyanocrylate for smaller pieces, messy but it seems to works once dry. ;)

Nice strong scape Cookie :)

I'm working on it, thanks :)


Épiphytes :

hygrophila pinnitifida
anubia pangolino
anubia petite
bucephalandra SP red
bucephalandra SP Green
bucephalandra mini coin
bucephalandra mini catherinae


riccardia chamedryfolia
taxyphyllum alternans 'mini taiwan moss'
Pilotrichaceae 'pilo moss'
Fissidens miroshaki

Stems and carpets:

rotala h'ra
hottonia palustris
hemianthus micranthemoides
micranthemum Monte Carlo
eleocharis SP mini
hydrocotyle tripartita mini
Marsilea crenata
Hydrocotyle verticillata
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Really like the wood you have used, the roots looking like vines is a great touch, looking forward to seeing how this develops.
Well, sometimes it just won't work... Yesterday After 2h30 of planting and filling the tank, the Big Wood on the right started to float!!!

I hate cig filters...

I had to rescape the right part and put some Big rocks on the Wood to keep it in place...seems to work for nowo_O:shifty:

On the another hand, I'm testing the inline CO2 art and for now it works flawless, loving it:cool: