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ada 60p

  1. charlie93

    Weight distribution/mat for rimless tank

    Hey everyone, I'm about to start scaping a 60p. Before I get started I'm curious if the mat provided with this tank is up to the job as it's a few mm shorter than the tank footprint. I purchased the tank from a fellow aquascaper (eBay) who had already cut the mat. Ada 60p footprint (60x30cm)...
  2. finniche

    60P Variations

    Introduction: This journal is about creating different scape concepts in 60x45x36 cm ADA60P tank. After getting into the aquascaping side of this versatile hobby I have watched and sort of analysed hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures(and videos) of aquascapes. More than a few have stuck in...
  3. V

    Any salvaging my 60-P?

    A while back, my brand new ADA Cube Garden 60-P cracked on the base due to forgetting to place a soft surface underneath (a very expensive and painful lesson learnt). I have since replaced the tank but still have the old cracked 60-P. The crack runs parallel with the longest edge of tank, right...
  4. D

    Extremely Easy ADA Style 60cm DIY Cabinet

    This is extremely easy, looks on par with the ADA cabinets with a fraction of the cost. In my opinion, the wooden accents down the side of the cabinet makes it looks slightly better, but that is down to taste. Parts list Cabinet Finn 60 x 75cm Free Standing Cabinet by Fackelmann Fackelmann...
  5. A

    Thinking inside the box

    Hi everyone, I just got back into aquascaping! The last time I had a planted tank George Farmer had a juwel rio, so it’s been a while. I thought I’d delve back in by setting up a 60P Iwagumi with a very minimal planting palette. Would highly appreciate any and all advice on my latest hard...
  6. F

    Calling all plant experts for my new hardscape

    Hello, Here's my new hardscape. I'm looking for plant suggestions. I'm pretty set on using rotala rotundofolia, Rotala H'ra in the background. With some Proserpinaca palustris in the middle to break the color with another tint. I might be missing some green though? Otherwise, I'm stuck with...
  7. CooKieS

    Ada 60p, the trunk

    Let’s play :-)
  8. CooKieS

    Ada 60P, 'behind blue eyes'

    Hi, I'm actually planning the hardscape of my 2020 contest tank, as Always my beloved 60p. Rocks: seiryu stones Soil material: la plata Sand, Aqua gravel Roots: -senganni -river Wood -talawa Wood This will be an mixed style tank, jungly in the foreground and more NA style in the background...
  9. HypeBuce

    Anyone in Nottingham area selling an ADA 60P?

    looking for a 60X30X36 optiwhite tank ideally ADA. New, they're £130-140 so if somebody has a setup or spare tank they're willing to sell let me know :)
  10. FJK_12

    ADA 60p

    Hey everyone, here is my new 60p I have just set up. I have always been inspired by the classic nature aquarium style and have been collecting materials for a concave layout for a few months now. Managed to get some good deals on second hand ADA equipment for almost the full setup too. Blank...
  11. CooKieS

    Playing with talawa Wood

    Hi there, Setup: 60p (60x30x36cm) Hardscape: talawa, seiryu and maybe kessil Wood for détails Soil: sand and amazonia First shot, any advice welcome: Thanks! Cheers , Thierry
  12. CooKieS

    Ada 60p, talawa land

    Hi, Playing with talawa and seiryu stones at my LFS this afternoon...get me inspired for the 2019 version of my 60p...to be continued, soon! Cheers
  13. Shinobi

    ADA60P “take a hike”

    Finally got time to redo the tank after moving to a new place. Will have to figure out plants, but got a rough idea what to get. Really looking forward to see this develop. Plant list: TROPICA PLANTS: 1x Marsilea hirsuta 1-2-GROW 2x Hydrocotyle tripartita 1-2-GROW 3x Hygrophila pinnatifida...
  14. steveno

    A Long Start, another Iwagumi story

    Hello All, I have been away from the hobby for a number of years, after a moving house, as it just wasn’t suitable to set up my old tank, so reluctantly had to get rid of my old tank and all own old equipment. Following a recent change in my personal life, I needed to do something that...
  15. Shinobi

    Got 60p, 25kg Frodo Stone, Need advise

    So I haven't done a whole lot of rock work in the past. needless to say this stuff is a lot harder than it looks, and the amount of soil used to create the slopes is surprising to me as well, even though i tried to use lava rock as a filler. So this is what I got done today: This being my...
  16. AquaGuy601

    Iwagumi 60p mountain slope

    Beginner aquascaper here and I'm looking for any advice tips on starting my first scape. Here in Georgia we have a lot of sloped hills with this plant called kudzu with exposed rock and that's what I'm gaining some of my inspirations from. I have an idea of what I want but not on how to exactly...
  17. MrHidley

    James' 60P

    6 Months after taking down my first scape we're finally settled in our new house, so it's time to start again. This is a bit of a blank canvas, built with only a vague idea in my head, we'll see how we go with it! Tank - ADA 60P Stand - DIY ADA-ish style CO2 - DIY set-up with 2kg fire...
  18. R

    Rob's 60P - First Tank

    I have only recently discovered Aquascaping so this is my first tank, although my parents did keep fish some ~15 years ago. I started this tank a few months ago, but spent along time trying to decide on the hardscape. Equipment I current have is underlined, everything else is still to buy...
  19. Robertus van Tilburg

    Mountain view

    Mountain view. Iwagumi 60 cm. At 1 week: More to follow.
  20. michael woods

    Planting new plants into an existing carpet.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice concerning my ada 60-p. Currently I have a mountain scape using seiryu stones with a lush carpet of micranthemum monte carlo. The micranthemum covers the entire bottom of the tank but my scape is lacking a bit of height. So, I decided to purchase some...
  21. Robertus van Tilburg

    New Scape Robertus

    After my last scape "3 stones" i am now starting a new thread for my next scape. It is made with kei stones and spider wood. I wanted a v shape layout this time and also wanted to include white sand in front. I am at this moment in de hardscape stage and refining the layout. I will post...
  22. Mike_81

    2x TMC MiniLED 400 Tiles for ADA 60P?

    Hi Guys, I've got two TMC MiniLED 400 tiles mounted about 2 inches above the surface of my ADA 60P. I'm running a high-tech setup with pressurised Co2, dosing EI ferts etc. I've got good circulation and the drop checker is a lime green - yellow (no fauna yet). I seem to get reasonable results...
  23. michael woods

    Out with the old in with the new...ADA 60p

    As some of you may be aware, I posted a few threads on here when I was struggling with my first scape. It was an interpet fish box with an amalgamation of all sorts of remedies to try and get it something like some of the stunning scapes featured on here. I received some invaluable advice from...
  24. andyh

    Andyh's "Twisted Wood" UPDATED 10May14

    Hello Been a bit slow starting the journal, as i have had a lot on with work, but here we go again: Aquarium - ADA 60P Cube Garden 60Wx36Tx30D, now with ADA cover glass. Lights – Suspended Arcadia Luminaire 4 x 24w T5, currently running 2 tube for 7hrs per day. 2 x Osram Skywhite 8000k...
  25. andyh

    Andyh's Journal "Green Beach" Update 01/03/2013

    Hey guys Yes its been a while but i am starting a new journal for my new scape..... I have been busy playing with stones and sand and have got something i am happy with for now :geek: Probably get tweaked a few more times yet. I am using my ADA 60p, combined with Dragon Stone, Sarawak sand...