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:pompus:The roots of H.Pinnatifida are getting crazy
Them reds are stunning

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I have to say that before having this result, I always thought than this kind of reds was only possible with instagram filters and so on, but now I can say that it’s 50% because of the high power of the light and 50% because of the rgb Vivid led rendition. ;)






Hi there,

Still running!

But because this tank is starting to get really overgrown, I’m getting some green hair thread algae and some staghorn again. Lack of flow seems the major cause.:D

Well I’m waiting for my new hardscape and then this tank will suffer from major rescape :p

Cheers guys, be safe
Colors look stunning! Could you post a picture of full view of the scape if you don’t mind?

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Had to rescape the right part of the tank last Sunday because the whole plant mass on the roots was blocking the flow.
It’s a good problem to have :D
Plants looking super healthy all the way down and that pinnatifida looks insane :cool: