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  1. shangman

    What do I do with all these babies?

    A month or two ago I got a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteri Redmask, I got the male (a very beautiful responsive fish) first from my dad, and then bought a female for him 2 weeks later, as his fishwife had died a while ago. They lived in a tank with 7 kuhli loaches and some otos. They had been...
  2. Kalum

    The Island - ADA 75P - It's been a while....

    This has been a few months coming after my barn find of a tank earlier this year, so I’ve been playing with ideas and stockpiling hardscape since and waiting till I had more time to get this set up. A return to high tech and my first proper attempt at a fairly high light tank. Tank – ADA 75P...
  3. Kalum

    'Centrepiece' fish for 75P......or larger schools?

    So my journey continues and will be setting up my ADA 75P (75 x 45 x 45) having come from a 50L, to an 90L and now up to 140L And now I'm thinking the same with regards to stocking as I'm fairly happy I'm learning how to keep a successful and healthy aquarium I currently have: 12 x green neons...
  4. Jake101

    Apistogrammas - Filter flow

    Hi, Quite many sources say that Apistogrammas should not have a strong water flow in the tank. How slow is a not-strong flow? Never had Apistos earlier, so I don't have any experience on this topic.
  5. Kyle Lambert

    Sourcing Apistogramma Kullander/Kullanderi/Gigas

    As the title suggests, i'm looking for the recently described Apistogramma Kullander, also known as Kullanderi and Gigas. If anyone knows where i can source said fish, especially local to suffolk, i'd really appreciate it. Cheers.
  6. dw1305

    Interesting blog

    Hi all, There is a planted tank enthusiast who has recently started posting on <"Apistogramma forums">. He has <"a blog">, where he discusses problems with plants like Ludwigia sedoides, that I think might be of interest to many members here. I had a quick "google", and his day job is as a...
  7. Kyle Lambert

    Questions from a newbie.

    So i started a tank 6 weeks ago. Its a 60l which is a little overstocked but i keep up with my water changes regularly and everything seems to be going well so far with an oversized HOB filter (not my ideal filter but it suits my needs and available space). I have 3 cherry shrimps, 4 assasin...
  8. Kyle Lambert

    Trimmings and cut offs.

    So i couldnt find anything on the forums already and ive only been here five minutes, but i was wondering if people would be happy sending any excess plants they have to people. My tank is only 6 weeks old so im in no position as yet but i know i will have some Cabomba i would be happy to send...