bug infestation

  1. Majsa

    Potential fish food?

    I must have been a little enthousiastic feeding my shrimp (in the shrimp-only setup) and now I have an invasion of some kind of bugs in the tank. I am sorry my old iPhone won't make better pictures than this...the bugs walk on the glass and swim rather smoothly near the glass, and seem to prefer...
  2. Vivian Andrew

    Larvae or Worm Need help to Identify this little creature

    Hi all, I setup my tank 16 days ago my tank details are Tank - 36x18x22 inch light - T5HO 39w x 2 6500k and 21w x 2 6500k filter - 2000l/h and 1000l/h canister filter soil - ADA aqua soil CO2 - pressurized Fert - EI dosing Plants - HC Cuba, Staurogyne repens, Staurogyne sp. brown, Hygrophila...