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  1. CooKieS

    40x28x30 "The Ent" 30liters CLOSED

    Hi there, So my plan was to rescape my 60p and use this small 30liters tank as an temporary Home for my living stock during the rescape...BUT, I found that my lovely jungle Roots faits perfectly in there so...let's sell my livestock and scape this nano for an dragon betta! :-) Here's the Gear...
  2. AlannaBrake

    Howdy from Colorado, USA

    Hi y'all - My name's Lanna and I stumbled on UKAPS while troubleshooting my melting plants (they're revived and thriving now thanks to your great tips!). I'm brand new to the planted tank universe and excited to learn. I have already seen many enviable setups in the few threads I've visited...