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  1. Ömer Karaahmet

    Dsm Eleocharis mini

    I set up a nano aquarium with DSM. I aerate at least once a day for 8 weeks and moisturize using Dooa Wabikusa Mist and Water. Especially Eleocharis acicularis mini, which is close to the front of aquarium started to turn yellow. What would be the reason? How can I fix?
  2. J

    Dry start method mold

    Hello, I have had a weblike mold creeping over the Ada aquasoil which has killed most of the plants (to much misting) , I have removed the plants now my question is what can I do if I want to replant the aqaurium? I would not really like to remove the substrate and rocks ruin the scape my plan...
  3. wolfewill

    Starting Utricularia graminifolia with DSM

    I’m been attempting to grow Utricularia graminifolia as a carpet plant in an 15 gallon iwagumi set up. This led me to do an online search to see what conditions have worked for others. In addition to the usual specialty web sites I looked at various blogs as well. So what follows is the progress...
  4. Zedan

    Adapting Plants After Dry Start Method

    I'd like to get opinions on this method of adapting plants to life underwater after a dry start. What are your experiences with plants adapting after dry start method? Specifically with Dwarf Hairgrass (acicularis eleocharis sp. mini), anubias, and Ludwigia Mini Super Red. Or otherwise, has...
  5. Michael Thomas

    Hello from the North!

    I'm going to assume based on the members map I'm not the only person from the North East, anyway I've always used UKAPS for things like finding reviews and information but finally decided to join and hopefully learn and share my own wisdom. I've been plantkeeping for around a year, and I'm...
  6. loneshiva

    Nature Path 2

    Nature path Setup Date: 12-02-2018 Tank: ANS Opticlear 60 x 30 x 36 Cabinet: Wrought iron stand Light: AquaNice Aqua LED power 600 Filtration: EHEIM Classic 2213 CO2: Pressurised CO2 with solenoid (Bought 2nd hand) Hardscape: Not too sure Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Fertilization: Tropica Premium...
  7. LukeDaly

    Time to start over! | Currently on DSM but will be Hi-tech fully planted nano

    Hey ladies and gents, I have been out of the hobby for about 2 years now and have decided to jump back in! This build will eventually become a fully planted tank hopefully home to some form of dwarf cichlid. This time I thought I would try out the dry start method and see if I can get my moss...
  8. steveno

    A Long Start, another Iwagumi story

    Hello All, I have been away from the hobby for a number of years, after a moving house, as it just wasn’t suitable to set up my old tank, so reluctantly had to get rid of my old tank and all own old equipment. Following a recent change in my personal life, I needed to do something that...
  9. J

    16l Iwagumi-Dry Start

    Tank: 16l Clearseal Lighting: TMC Mini LED 400 Filter: Fluval Edge HOB Heater: None CO2: JBL ProFlora u500 Hardscape: Dragon Stone Plants: Micranthemum micranthemoides, Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' and Fissidens fontanus. I put this tank together last year with items I had boxed away...
  10. sajo

    [DSM] Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba becoming yellow/brown

    Hi Guys, I started a small 30x30x25 cube (dry start method) with HCC and everything was fine. But the HCC is now becoming yellow or brown, see the picture, and i don't know whats wrong. Hardware: 30x30x25 cube GlasGarden Soil, normal, no powder red stones 12 LED Dennerle Scapers Glas...
  11. A

    Help with DSM

    Hi guys, This is probably the best spot on the web for planted tank discussions with most people eager to help us newbies out. I had a thought and wanted UKAPS to help me out. I am planning to DSM HC for my 34g tank(36x12x18). I would carry on with the DSM till I have a desired carpet and...
  12. Antoni

    The Goias nook - New pics

    Hi guys, its being awhile since I have started this tank but didn't have the time to start a journal till now. Spec: 20 l Boyo nano tank with filter, built in the lid. Light: 13V Energy Saving bulb, 5400K CO2: - pressurised DIY kit - 3bps Substrate: Shirakura Red Bee Sand and white sand...
  13. Eboeagles

    Tropica Aquacube - Coastal Path

    This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while now, but not had the stones to make the steps - I've tried all sorts with varying degrees of success, but have recently found some miniature dry stone thats meant to build model walls etc from (I'm sad I know)... I guess the idea of...
  14. Julian

    Any tips for HC DSM?

    Hi guys and girls! Like the topic says, I'm just after a few tips using the dry start method as I'd like to have a go at growing a carpet of HC. My current attempt at growing HC submersed has worked out quite well. Around 6 months ago I planted it stem by stem then flooded the tank straight...
  15. Samjpikey

    The Grassy knol

    Hey . This is going to be my first proper attempt at an 'aqua scape '. My previous set ups mainly consisted of low light plants which looked like a mess so want something with a little bit more work. I am planning to plant a DSM 2 weeks today but there's a few things I need to query etc. The...
  16. terry82517

    Any good dry start method journals...

    Anyone know of Any good dry start method for HC journals anywhere? Trying to get lots of info on it before I start as I know there are issues (mould,dieback due to to much water) Churrrsss
  17. George Farmer

    George's TMC Signature

    Hi all, I'm really excited to be aquascaping again for the first time since May last year. I have a TMC Signature 60x45x30cm (clear silicone) with gloss white cabinet. I need to cut out a half moon in the cabinet side for the filter hoses because unfortunately they're not pre-cut. I did...
  18. George Farmer

    Lots of Dry Start Method questions!

    Hi all, Some of you may be aware I'm setting up a new tank. Journal here - George's TMC Signature - The Hardscape Chapter | UK Aquatic Plant Society manzi situ by George Farmer, on Flickr I'm really interested in trying out the dry start method (DSM), as discussed a few years ago by Tom Barr...