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26 Feb 2015
Hi guys,

This is probably the best spot on the web for planted tank discussions with most people eager to help us newbies out.

I had a thought and wanted UKAPS to help me out. I am planning to DSM HC for my 34g tank(36x12x18). I would carry on with the DSM till I have a desired carpet and then fill it and blast CO2, however, I was wondering if I can phase out the CO2 after a while. Can this be done? If not then what effects will I see?

Also, once filled, I will plant anubias, hygrophilas, rotala and ambulia. Please advise people.
You can't phase out the CO2 completely, the plants need some form of crabon to survive. But you can certainly reduce it after flooding - perhaps after a couple of months, if it's still looking healthy.

Signs that it's not looking healthy will be discoloured growth, holes etc.

Any plant, if grown above water, takes time to adapt to conditions below water. I'd recommend you float all plants for at least a couple of weeks to have the best chance of success.
Theoretically Cuba could be kept without co2 but its quite difficult to achieve. If you dont want to use co2 then get a different plant, thats my opinion.
also theoretically stem plants will compete for the co2 leaving the cuba without it.