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  1. T

    Aquascaper complete liquid plant food

    Hi guys. Ive started using the Aquascaper complete liquid plant food by George Farmer. Does anyone know of a list of ingredients? specifically does it contain iron? trying to get nice red colours on H'ra etc but not sure if it has sufficient amounts of iron or should i get a seperate iron fert...
  2. M.eremin

    Phosphates in ADA fertilizers system.

    Hall! As I know the old system fertilizers has contained nitrates and phosphates. Seem to be It had a strange ratio N : P in "special shade" and "special lights" (Tom Barr gives that data). But now ADA has only Nitrates (without phosphates) in their Nitrogen ferts. Am I right? Anybody knows how...
  3. mohamed elsorahy

    Ferts, other nitrate salts

    HI EVERY BODY i am Mohamed from Egypt we have restrictions on the nitrates salts purchasing i want to go through doing my own ferts from some terrestrial plants ferts do you have suggestions material?
  4. Shinobi

    Tropica Ferts - Help With Dosing

    Hello Ukaps Im currently running a journal on my 60p "Reach Out". Unfortunately I just cant seem to get rid of the algae and archiving balance. Currently im running 8-hours with Chihiros a-series Plus (9600lm - 8000klvn) and a constant of 30mg/l co2 dosed with ph-controller and 2x 30-50% WC...
  5. jameson_uk


    I have 2x45W T5 tubes in my 180l tank which are on 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening (recently switched from 2x3 hours). Tank is low tech and I have been dosing Flourish once a week and putting some Tropica root tabs under the swords, crypt and vals. Some plants are doing well...
  6. J

    Ammonia in my ferts solution?

    Hi everyone. First of all I am aware of the bad reputation test kits have around here but I am still going to ask. I ran an ammonia test with clean water (no ammonia as tested before) and added two drops of a fertilizer mix solution that I prepared for my aquariums. The test came out positive...
  7. Glenda Steel

    JBL FerroTabs

    Could anyone advise me if the JBL FerroTabs (root tab fertilisers) are good for both plants and shrimp please? We are looking for a straight forward way to fertilise our plants as we are complete beginners to keeping an Aquarium, we also would like them to be shrimp friendly. I have noticed...
  8. A

    First set up - couple questions..

    hello, Just set up my first pressurised CO2 system, and there are a couple things which I am confused about: According to aqua essentials i should use a dose macro nutrients now that i have CO2. Assuming this is correct, should I start doing this immediately? Also, I'm a little confused...