fishless cycle

  1. Box of Demons

    Day 4 of a new Roma 240 cycle, do I need to water change today?

    Here was Day 1 of my set up, any advice appreciated. Here was day 2 of my tank set up. Day 4 is today, I will test all water parameters with a master kit, my question is do i need to do a water change today? and how much? I have no livestock. But have been doing. 6 hours light 5 hours...
  2. anddak

    Cycling won't start - advice please

    Hi All, I've set up my first tank about 2 weeks ago, but unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to start cycling right after, because I was away and I wanted to monitor it closely, so I started cycling about 4-5 days ago. I am trying to do a fishless cycle with fish food (flakes). I added a...
  3. G

    Quickest and easiest way to cycle tank

    Firstly hello, i am new to fish keeping. I have a goldfish which has ich :(, but he is being treated. I am getting a 25 gal tank soon and heard i. Needed to cycle it. My filter in my goldfish tank has been running for over a week and ive been doing %30 water changes daily. Whats the best way to...
  4. waterspider

    (Ammonia) Fishless Cycle with Blackout

    Has anyone here ever tried a fishless cycle (w ammonia) in blackout to avoid algae? I saw a passing reference to it on one post for starting a low tech planted tank, but found no further details on it. I did, however, read that the desired nitrifying bacteria are photosensitive, so might...