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  1. kharmael

    Amazon Sword flower Spike care

    Hi all Long time lurker but first poster! I’ve been soaking up all the great advice and I’m grateful to all who volunteer their time and experience to help us all out! I have a 550L with pressurised (extinguisher) CO2, dosing with tropica premium and running though a DIY drip filter and sump...
  2. Courtneybst

    Aquatic Flower Compendium (ish)

    Hi everyone, After reading a suggestion made by @dean in an old thread by @Tim Harrison , I thought I'd kick things off. This thread aims to be a collection of photos of flowering aquatic plants that we often keep in aquaria. Please feel free to contribute with photos of your aquatic plant...
  3. Kezzab

    Small floating flowering plant suggestions please

    As the title says really, I'd like some floating plants that are more than the usual 'variations on duckweed'. And they need to be small. And flower, or do something noteworthy. Very tiny lilies for example, if they exist! Any thoughts? k
  4. naughtymoose

    Pearling Anubias

    Hi folks I noticed this stream of bubbles coming from an Anubias that is about to flower. It has been a steady stream for about ten hours! Oxygen?