iwagumi aquascape

  1. CooKieS

    17l fireaqua iwagumi

    Hi, Small nano 17l opti by fireaqua. 31x20x26cm Ancient stone Some Wood roots First tryout in 10min; Any plants suggestions welcome! Cheers
  2. wilamzq

    Critique my hardscape My first attempt :)

    Hi! Today just finished my hardscape for the Iwagumi and now I am into the research for the plans.. Can you give me any corrections/suggestions for the hardscape? - Tank 80x35x40 112 litres - Lavarocks - Substrate: Tropica Aqua Soil For the plants I am think of HC carpet with some eleocharis...
  3. Bopowarls

    First Aquascape Advice Please

    Hi everyone. I'm about to start my first aquascape project but I'm struggling to get my head around a few bits so some advice would be appreciated. I've taken on some advice already from previous posts so thanks again for that. Tank: Fluval Edge 2.0 23l Style: Iwagumi Lighting - Standard...
  4. Nigel95

    45P Nature Aquarium Mountain Aquascape

    New project in the ADA 45P Cube Garden. A brazilian mountain layout try.. this hardscape really need plants to look better. Sides, middle and background will be planted with mostly stem plants. Some color as well. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel :thumbup...
  5. AquaGuy601

    Iwagumi 60p mountain slope

    Beginner aquascaper here and I'm looking for any advice tips on starting my first scape. Here in Georgia we have a lot of sloped hills with this plant called kudzu with exposed rock and that's what I'm gaining some of my inspirations from. I have an idea of what I want but not on how to exactly...
  6. AquamaniacUK

    Stairway to heaven - fluval chi aquascape

    It’s been a while since I posted something here on the forum. So I would like to share a cube aquascape I set up a few weeks ago. The tank Is a fluval Chi. I bought this for 10£ on the festival of fishkeeping. They normally have some good prices during the show, specially on second hand tanks...