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juwel rio

  1. R

    Help to Set Up CO2 Art Kit With Fluval FX6 External Filter

    Hi, I need some advice on how to set up a CO2 Art kit which I've recently purchased second hand. I'm looking to set it up in my Juwel Rio 350 aquarium, which I'm running a Fluval FX6 external filter on. I understand the kit can be run inline, or directly into the tank? My query is, if running...
  2. CooKieS

    180l nature aqua

    Hi, Very quick scape (1hour because my son is sick and needed to go to doctor) for an friend, simple nature aqua style. Specs: 180 liters tank from juwel Tropica soil Chihiros a series Pressurised CO2 2kg bottle Jbl e901 + flow pump Asia roots Seiryu stones Plants from aquaflora...
  3. Dj-damo

    Rio 300 Lighting Combination

    Hi All I have a Juwel Rio 300. I have messed around with planted for a while, had some success and some not. I am planning a rescape on the 14th April, plants and everything have been ordered :) So to the topic!, i currently have 4 x 54w Juwel daylight bulbs running in the tank. My mind is...
  4. Jakwondo

    First co2 system fish safety tips

    Hi everyone I'm new to this site although I've visited many time this is my first post. I've been running tropical tanks for over ten years I've nearly always had live plants I've always wanted to use co2 but I'm scared of killing my fish( my tank is a rio 300 with with tetras and catfish all...
  5. pitom

    Juwel Rio 125 flow issue

    Hi, I have a 3 week old aquarium. Here are the photos: https://plus.google.com/photos/106572664412569387737/albums/6140906371010790929?authkey=CKiU16H3uqGKtwE For a couple of days now, there are issues with plants melting, mostly in two areas. First one is in the back left behind the driftwood...
  6. K

    Recommend me a T5 for my Rio 180.

    Hi All I need to replace one of my Juwel High Lite T5 bulbs, its well over two years old. The other was replaces a month ago. Can anyone recommend something decent? I don't really like the yellowy tinge of the Juwel lights. Much prefer something bright white. Not fussed about price, just want...
  7. Simon jones

    Arcadia Stretch LED

    Help! I've purchased 2 90cm Arcadia stretch LED's for my 180 litre hi-tech tank. Together they have about 70 watts. I can't find any PAR information on this particular size? Any help would be good.
  8. Simon jones

    My first aquascape!

    Well here goes...my first journal. After modifying my Juwel rio 180 to include an Arcadia Classica LED luminaire, JBL Cristalprofi e900 filter, 2 circulation pumps, a co2 inline diffuser. It has been planted out for over 3 months, previously was a rather boring layout! Plants include: Ludwigia...
  9. Simon jones

    Classica Over Tank Luminaire LED

    Anybody using one of these? I have just purchased one from AquaEssentials, although Charter House aquatics was cheaper. I've found the instructions somewhat lacking. The unit had 2 separate faults. one on the timer unit and one on the cable from the transformer. Arcadia replaced these. Aside...
  10. Simon jones

    Lily Pipe for Juwel Rio 180

    Can anybody help? I'm trying to source a lily pipe for my juwel rio 180. I'm not having much luck!