1. Bopowarls

    Hi! - Complete Noob

    Hi Everyone, Complete noob here. Basically a couple of week ago I decided I wanted a fish tank. I assumed i'd just get a tank, fill it with water and add some sunken pirate ships and done. Little did I know... I knew nothing at all about proper aquascaping and the 'science' behind it. After...
  2. Kalum

    Bonsai Mountain Scape

    After starting my first tank (Superfish Home 60) I found that I was limited more than I first realised I would be due to the all in one nature of the tank. Being a bit naive I thought I'd be able to achieve what I had pictured in my head but soon realised that without making fundamental changes...
  3. Aqua Essentials

    is this the ultimate aquascapers rock?

    We'll let you decide but it's in stock and ready to ship Stunning pieces!
  4. steveno

    My first Shrimp Nano - First Baby shrimplets!

    Hello all, With my other current scape (‘my new half Iwagumi scape’ – should prob. rename thou!) taking shape, needed a new project, it took quite a bit of persuading the misses but today my new nano tank arrived, hooray!:) Dennerle 30l nano tank – Complete set (which complete with pretty...
  5. Nathaniel Whiteside

    'Pretty Stream' - CRS tank

    Hello guys, Okay, this is a Journal dedicated to the rescape of my ADA Mini M which can be found here. The rescape has been coming for a long time as I was never really happy with it in comparison to the Raw nature feel I wanted to give it. The Title for this Tank is 'Pretty Stream', and the...